Employers can register and create a ‘group’ for their employees (learners) on Pathways Awarua, to support their literacy and numeracy needs. An employer can manage their learners’ membership, recommend specific modules for learners, track the progress of individuals and generate a group report for all learners in their group.  Pathways Awarua has applied pathways on health and safety; and heavy vehicle and forklift licensing. 

Select your company from the list at registration. If your company is not on the list you can use the email link on the registration form and request to be added. We strongly recommend you complete the modules on the How to use Pathways Awarua pathway to familiarise yourself with the interface and functionality.

Pathways Awarua helps learners become self-directed in their learning, as it’s easy to use, fun and engaging. It gives learners skills that they can use every day, in contexts that are both familiar and useful. 

There are over 400 modules to choose from, linked to the steps of the Learning Progressions for Adult Numeracy and Literacy. As learners move along the pathways the modules introduce more complex knowledge and skills. Modules are structured so that as learners progress through the module the teaching scaffolds are removed until the learner is independently using the new skill or concept. There are modules specifically tailored to trade and service industries, and supplementary modules that provide extra practice.

Help your employees build their essential skills. Everyone benefits. Together, you can really go places now on Pathways Awarua.